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Kauai Trip Planner Tool

Whalers Cove Resort makes it easy to create your perfect getaway with the resources that make up our Kauai Trip Planner. After you’ve chosen your accommodations, learn more about Hawaii culture and how to best plan for your Hawaiian getaway. The staff at our resort is also on-hand to answer any questions you may have about area activities and what to expect. Give us a call at 808.742.7571 for more information.

Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959 but still values its culture and heritage through adopting two official state languages. Both English and Hawaiian are spoken on our islands and you’ll most likely hear our locals conversing in Hawaiian or even weaving common Hawaiian words and English words together…


As you plan your trip to Kauai and Whalers Cove Resort, don’t forget these essential items that we put on our Hawaii packing list. We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible, so here are your things not to forget…


Your next flight to Whalers Cove Resort and our Poipu condo rentals could be easier than you think: airlines in the major cities below offer direct flights to nearby Lihue airport. From there, our luxury oceanfront condos are less than a half hour away…