Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the fastest-growing activities on Kauai, paddle boarding, is a unique way to venture onto the ocean.

With less intensive contact than surfing or diving, stand up paddle boarding lets just about anyone into the water. This sport also allows you to go beyond the area surfers typically get to for a different time on the waters of Poipu. Whether you’re interested in getting a steady workout or a slower sightseeing cruise past the breaks, paddle boarding is sure to make a worthy addition to your Kauai vacation plans.

Before trying the sport for yourself most travelers will need to arrange a rental board and possibly some lessons. Kauai Beach Boys are one place to start; they have a location close by our resort on Poipu Beach, and have received high ratings from many visitors. In addition to gear rentals and instruction sessions that are typically set at 90 minutes, the Beach Boys can arrange a fun 16-foot stand up board perfect for larger groups. The Nukumoi Surf Company also provides paddle board rentals and sales on Poipu Beach.

Even more paddle boarding opportunities can be had around Kauai at locations like Kalipaki (less than 25 minutes by car from Whalers Cove) and Anini Beach on the island’s north shore. Both locations feature a relatively calm surface ideal for beginners. Black Pot Beach Park, also to our north, is another popular location that has its own set of rental companies.

Don’t forget that paddle boarding can also be enjoyed in lakes and rivers across the world, making this an experience you can truly take home after a stay with Whalers Cove Resort. Even so, we’re sure you won’t regret having your first try on the shores of Kauai!

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