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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Kauai Scuba Diving

Things To Do in Kauai
Guests of the Whalers Cove Resort can now enjoy a special discount with Seasport Divers, one of the best Kauai scuba diving companies.

A multiple Rodale’s Reader’s Choice Awards Winner, Seasport Divers were voted #1 in Kauai and #5 in the Pacific and Indian oceans. They have also placed as once of the best scuba diving operators in the United States, earning a straight “A” rating from the proper authorities.

The only company with multiple locations and Kauai scuba diving sites, Seasport Divers’ main site is on Poipu Beach, just minutes from the Kauai oceanfront rentals at Whalers Cove Resort. Ask our concierge for more information, or visit their website!

Getting Around Kauai
The Hawaii Tourism Authority has compiled a comprehensive list of all transportation options available on Kauai, from the county bus to local shuttles, so that you can plan your stay worry-free!
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